fredag 25 mars 2011

Spring in the wildlife districts and the Bear will soon pay us a visit

Here in Sweden the winter slowly turns over to bright sunshine and with the strong cold as just a bad memory. This is the time for the new turn to start. Birds, bears, humans. Everybody will take the warm winds for real and start their journey against the lovely summertimes.

Bear cubs has been born during the midwinters and will get out of the hibernation  in may. Other bears leave their hibernation in this district between midle of Mars and April. Thanks too all you folks from all around the world paying my blog a visit. Will try too make some reports in english. Also pay my twitter some attention and feel free to ad your self to follow mee. Seek for bjormannen

Much work will now take place at our place for our bear hides. To morrow i will make a repair of our snowmobile. Need it to make way through the forest in deep snow to reach my hides with material.

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